2018 BMW 440I Convertible Review, Interior, Engine, Prices

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 - BMW
2018 BMW 440I Convertible Interior Dashboard

The 2018 BMW 440I Convertible is not the cheapest and economic family but it is one of the most enjoyment of driving when we pull through the 6-cylinder engine and we hear a unique sound.

This more muscular version does not have many competitors and the ones that have are more expensive, even if we consider the xdrive version of four driving wheels, which constitutes one of the arguments in favor of the 2018 BMW 440I Convertible. Your 326 CV challenges without inhibitions the Audi S5 Cabrio 333 CV or the 367 CV of Mercedes AMG 43 Cabrio, features that fit into customers who have the passion for sports cars and have no economic restrictions. It does not occupy the podium of the most sold in the range but is arguably one of the most exciting. From soon to its firing power to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds, while the first kilometer is done in 24.1 seconds. A quasi-hallucinating goal that requires a dynamic behavior that BMW so well can provide, thanks to a recipe that, in the case of the Cabrio, had to have some changes to the closed bodywork.

The BMW Hood has ceased to be canvas long enough to be rigid. This option, in addition to reducing the stiffness of the bodywork, has the virtue of offering two solutions (Cabrio and coupe) in one. As a much closer static and dynamic rigidity of the coupe than if it had canvas bonnet, BMW had the care to keep in this version the same distribution of weight 50/50. This feature is part of the “secret” formula of maintaining the 440i convertible behavior among the best. The proof of this is the performance with the canopy open, even on more irregular floors, where there are no many vibrations. The rigid bonnet that articulates and collects in the suitcase in just 32 seconds reduces the capacity of the suitcase of 370 liters to 220 liters, a small value but that still can carry two small suitcases. From the aerodynamic viewpoint, its performance is good and if in the open version the noise and air circulation increases, the network that is an option reduces the circulation of air inside the passenger compartment. This is as exquisite as the other versions of the 4 series with the difference of the banks being able to integrate a “air collar” system that warms the area of the neck in the cooler days.

Because the 326 CV arrives very quickly and with rare determination to the rear wheels BMW proposes an adaptive suspension that allows changing the damping automatically or by selecting one of the various tunings available, simply by pressing the “Driving Experience” button placed next to the 8-speed auto-box command. The possibility of controlling the box from the tabs on the steering wheel allows us to have a more fun experience when we abdicate the hair in the wind and take the BMW 440i convertible to the winding roads and try to draw everything that this sporting has. Even without full traction, your reactions are balanced and easy to predict and control. The biggest drift of the rear train is intuitive, just a slight correction of the steering wheel to reset the trajectory before the DSC (stability control) intervene quietly making believe that everything is easy!

Although comparatively this is a cheap proposition, the truth is that there are few customers who opt for this version, preferred the 420d, cheaper and much more economical, spending almost half of what the 2018 BMW 440I Convertible spends, considering the average consumption of 9.9 liters we did during our rehearsal, more 3.1 L/100 km than the average consumption advertised.

2018 BMW 440I Convertible Review and Rating

2018 BMW 440I Convertible Conclusion

The 326 horsepower arrives with rare determination to the rear wheels. That’s why BMW proposes an adaptive suspension. The drift of the rear train turns out to be intuitive, just a little correction with the steering wheel.

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