2011 Honda Pilot Oil Type and Oil Change Guide

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 - Honda
2011 Honda Pilot Oil Life Indicator

2011 Honda Pilot Oil Type, yeah today we will discuss the Honda Pilot engine Oil Type, most people who will replace Honda Pilot Oil feel confused about what type of oil should they choose. Ok, Let’s Talk about That.

Oil Filter and also Oil to use
Purolator PL14610 or L14610.
2011 Honda Pilot Engine Oil Type: 5w20.


  • Safety eyeglasses
  • 17mm outlet or wrench.
  • Harbor Products Oil End Cap Wrench set, component number 94096. Make use of the smallest one, that is for 65 as well as 68mm filters.
  • 19mm outlet or wrench (for turning the Harbor Products Oil End Cap Wrench).


  • 1inch wrench or outlet or crescent wrench – to make use of on the Harbor Products tool.
  • Oil drip pan
  • Oil channel with tubes
  • Cloth


2011 Honda Pilot Oil Type and Oil Recomendation
  1. Oil Filter.
    The oil filter is easily accessible. It is gotten to from the passenger-side front tire wheel well.
    Put the oil pan under the filter.
    Make use of the Oil End Cap wrench on completion of the old filter. Remove.
    Tidy the breeding surface where the brand-new oil filter’s seal will certainly contact.
    Fill the new oil filter with 5w20 electric motor oil, however not 100% complete, so the brand-new oil will certainly currently splash out when the new filter is affixed.
    Attach the brand-new oil filter finger limited. Place a big scrape mark on the oil filter.
    Tighten the new oil filter 3/4 to 1 complete turn.
  2. Motor Oil.
    Place the oil pan under the oil drain bolt.
    Using the 17mm wrench, get rid of the oil drain bolt. Tidy it utilizing the rag.>> KEEP IN MIND: there is likewise a steel washing machine that attaches between the oil frying pan screw and also the bottom of the engine.
    >> If you do not see it, more than likely it went down right into the oil frying pan and also will certainly have to be fished out using your fingers. Plan to get dirty. (Ask me exactly how I know).

    Wait regarding 5 minutes to allow the oil drain right into the catch pan.
    Tidy the steel washing machine.
    Clean the oil drain pipe screw.
    Re-install the washer on the oil drain pipe screw.
    Re-install the oil drain screw to the bottom of the engine. Do not over tighten up, as the threads on the engine are aluminum.

    Remove the oil fill cap on the top of the engine.
    Utilizing the oil channel and tubes, fill up the engine with oil, around 4quarts.
    Run the engine about 30 secs. Look under the car at the oil filter as well as oil drain pipe plug, and see to it no oil is dripping.
    Allow the engine sit for regarding 5 mins, for all the oil to drain pipes back right into the oil pan.
    Inspect the oil degree in the engine making use of the oil dipstick. Include additional oil, if needed, up until the oil degree suggests complete. Do not overfill.
    For my 2011 Honda pilot, the complete quantity of oil required was 4.5 quarts.

  3. Upkeep light reset
    Transform ignition secret to ON, however, do not begin the automobile’s engine.
    Pushing the odometer button briefly, cycle via the display choices up until it shows the Oil Life. In my situation, it was revealing 15% Oil Life.
    Press as well as hold down the odometer button till the upkeep light for about 10seconds. It will after that begin to have the ‘oil adjustment’ show blink. Now push down again for about another 10seconds, until the upkeep light (the yellow wrench light) switches off and also the ‘oil life’ reads One Hundred Percent.

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2011 Honda Pilot Oil Life Indicator2011 Honda Pilot Oil Type Engine2011 Honda Pilot Oil Type and Oil Recomendation
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